Ariuum Citizen Code

Last Updated: [03/03/2021]

This code of conduct (the “Ariuum Citizen Code”, “this code” or “our code”) serves to define what is not permitted on the Ariuum platform and to outline the ways in which Ariuum’s users (“citizens”) will be protected from harm or issues arising from other citizens. Ariuum is a platform founded on the principles of free speech and open dialogue. Ariuum citizens are encouraged to have honest and open discussions even with those that they disagree with. The platform welcomes any and all individuals that believe in freedom of speech. Ariuum seeks to form a platform where meritocracy reigns supreme. Ideas are the currency of this meritocracy. Ariuum is also committed to providing its citizens with a platform to express their views without being subject to harm.  We ask that all of our citizens read our code before signing up and from time to time.  Ariuum may amend this code from time to time.   



I.  Ariuum citizens are protected in their practice of freedom of speech, subject to the exceptions that violate Ariuum’s Terms of Use and this Ariuum Citizen Code. The goal is to speak your mind without censorship but to be respectful of others on the platform. Keep in mind that Ariuum is not responsible for an individual’s views, only the individual is responsible for what they say or express within Ariuum. 



II. You may not threaten, harass or abuse any person, in any manner. Threats, especially threats of violence, or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated and should be reported to Ariuum via support@ariuum.com if encountered. 



III. Ariuum citizens may not use the platform to promote, advocate or further any illegal activity or for any unlawful purpose.



IV. We proudly promote free speech but Ariuum is NOT a platform for racism, racists or those looking to discriminate against others. You may not use racist or discriminatory language or epithets. If you are interested in engaging in racist behaviour, please use another platform. Within Ariuum discrimination is defined as prejudicial conduct directed at a person or group of people, strictly based on their race, religion or other characteristics. This includes comments or discussions that are malevolent in nature that attack a citizen for their race, skin color or religion. Discussions or debates regarding race or religious differences that are not malevolent or harmful in nature are protected under Ariuum Free Speech (I.) tenets within this code. 



V. Ariuum strongly condemns any form of terrorism.  Members of terrorist groups may not use the platform.  In addition, citizens may not promote or advocate terrorism or any terrorist group, whether domestic or abroad. Please refer to the U.S. Department of State’s terrorist designations and state sponsors of terrorists for more information; https://www.state.gov/foreign-terrorist-organizations/



VI. One of the founding principles of Ariuum is meritocracy of ideas. Therefore, to preserve this tenet, Ariuum strictly forbids any citizen from engaging in vote manipulation.  Vote manipulation includes, but is not limited to, telling or forcing others on the platform to vote for a specific individual in a debate, entering into an arrangement with another citizen to trade votes, creating multiple accounts to vote more than one time within a debate, using automated technologies, such as “bots” anywhere within Ariuum. 



VI. Ariuum citizens may not defame other citizens by making false statements about someone which would harm their reputation. 



VII. Ariuum citizens may not impersonate any other entity or individual (including, without limitation, through the use of email addresses or usernames).  Specifically, you may not impersonate a known figure, celebrity, company or brand.  In addition, except for genuine religious purposes, you may not wear a mask or other face covering while live-streaming video through the Platform.  



VIII. Citizens may not “dox” another person, i.e. release another person’s private or aggregated non-private information or data, within our platform. Non-public information may include a person’s phone number, address or email address. 



IX. No copyright, trademark or other intellectual property may be used within debates, discussions, comments or messages within Ariuum or otherwise on the Ariuum platform, unless you have the legal right to do so. 



X. Citizens may not distribute any form of pornography or nudity, including, any such content which relates to or is suggestive or exploitive of a minor, anywhere within Ariuum.  Sharing pornography or displaying nudity within user profiles, debates, discussions, comments or messages, is not permitted. 



XI. Grievances between citizens shall be sorted out amongst one another, respectfully, and in accordance with this code. 



XII. Ariuum citizens are forbidden from spamming. Spam or spamming can be defined as the repeated posting of content that is unrelated to the current debate, discussion, content or comment thread. Sharing one’s own view is an integral part of Ariuum and spam prevents other Ariuum citizens from sharing their ideas. 



XIII. Ariuum citizens are forbidden from using the platform in order to sell their own goods or services and must not harass other citizens with such endeavors. 


This code forms part of our Terms of Use.  

For any questions, you may contact us at support@ariuum.com.